Daniel Niklas Wood


View-dependent refinement of multiresolution meshes with subdivision connectivity, Daniel Azuma et al., in the proceedings of Afrigraph 2003. [ pdf - 3 megs ] [ project page ]
Fishies Surface Light Fields for 3D Photography, Daniel Wood et al., in the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH, 2000. [ pdf - 4 megs ] [ project home page ]

A surface light field is a highly compressible representation of the appearance of shiny objects. In this paper we create surface light fields from 3D scans and photographs of real objects, and describe several novel approaches to compression.

Face Making Faces, Brian Guenter et al., in the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH, 1998. [ pdf - 2 megs ]
Panorama Multiperspective Panoramas for Cel Animation, Daniel Wood et al., in the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH, 1997. [ pdf - 2 megs ]

We describe an algorithm to generate images incorporating many perspectives that can be used to create the illusion of 3D camera motion in cel animation.

Plausible Physics Plausible Physics for Computer Graphics Animation, Ronen Barzel et al., in the Eurographics Workshop on Animation and Simulation, 1996. [ pdf ]
Other stuff
Il David The Digital Michelangelo Project

I spent a quarter in Florence, Italy with a few other folks from the University of Washington and a lot of people from Stanford University working on this project. [ project page ]

Fish Schtick still Fish Schtick, class project of cse490ani at the UW, appeared in the 1997 Seattle International Film Festival.
Big Metal Ball Computer-generated ornamental metal work (with Frédéric Pighin and Jim Fix).
Knot Computer-aided design and rendering of ornamental knotworkmore info ]